What Do Different Benefits Of Supplemental Plans Mean?

If you are comparing different Medicare supplemental plans, you may have some questions as to what each service means, along with how much they can save you. In an effort to help you make an educated decision, some of the most covered supplemental plan perks will be discussed. 

First 3 Pints of Blood

Original Medicare requires that you pay for the first 3 pints of blood when you receive a blood transfusion. Each pint of blood will likely cost between $200 and $300, so you are potentially looking at $900 for your blood transfusion. Fortunately, all supplemental plans cover the first 3 pints of blood by some amount. 

Part A Deductible

The Part A deductible for 2021 is $1,484. This deductible will be required of you when you admitted to the hospital. If you are admitted, sent home, and then have to return in a few days or weeks, you will not be required to pay again.  If 90 days elapse between the times you are admitted, your deductible will be required again. Even with original Medicare, you will be required to pay this amount before your insurance kicks in. This is a huge perk for supplemental plans since all but Plan A will cover at least part of this cost. 

Part B Deductible

The Part B Deductible will be required once yearly, in the amount of $148.50. This bill will come from your doctor for your first few visits of the year. A few supplemental plans will cover this cost for you. 

Part B Excess Charges

An excess charge is when a physician charges more than the amount that Medicare offers to pay for a certain procedure. With original Medicare, you will be required to pay the difference. However, Supplemental plans F and G will cover these charges for you. 

Foreign Travel Emergency

If you and your spouse are avid world travelers, you may wonder how your Medicare will work on foreign soil. Several supplemental plans cover some portion of foreign emergency health costs. The cost of this coverage will be worth it, should you find yourself in an emergency abroad. 

In conclusion, understanding these different aspects of a Medigap plan can help you to decide which parts of the plan are most important for you. Keep in mind that not every supplemental plan is available each year. You should talk to your insurance agency in order to see which ones they offer. Also, you should be aware that different insurance companies offer plans for different amounts. It is smart to shop around before making a decision.