What To Know About The Different Parts Of Medicare

If you have recently become eligible for Medicare, you may feel a bit confused about all of the different parts of Medicare that you have to pick from. In general, you'll find that basic Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans have four parts. Here is what you should know about each part so that you understand the medical benefits you'll be receiving.

Medicare Part A

Traditional Medicare that is offered by the government is going to provide you with Medicare Part A. Part A is designed to cover hospital-related expenses, such as the room that you stay in, the meals you have in the hospital, and the costs associated with having a nurse take care of you. You'll also receive skilled nursing care for any rehabilitation services that you need. Home health care is also included, which includes having an intermittent or part-time nurse take care of you. You will also have limited coverage for blood transfusions if you need them.

Medicare Part B

The other half of traditional Medicare is Part B, which includes all of the preventative care services that you would need. This includes simply going to the doctor for a routine screening, your mental health care, and the diagnostic, lab tests, and imaging needed to figure out what is wrong with you. You'll also have coverage for vaccinations, and any outpatient care for surgeries that do not require an overnight stay.

Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C is also referred to as Medicare Advantage. It is an optional program that you can enroll in that gives you more benefits that you wouldn't normally receive from Medicare Part A and B. This is where people typically get their vision, dental, and hearing coverage, which is an important part of their overall health. Part C also includes some additional perks, such as assistance with transportation to the doctor. Keep in mind that you are purchasing Medicare Part C from a private insurance company if you choose it, and each insurance company provides its own unique list of benefits.

Medicare Part D

Your prescription drugs are covered under Medicare Part D, which is another optional coverage that is provided by a private insurance company. Since coverage can also vary like Medicare Part C, you'll want to make sure that the plan you select has the prescription drugs that you need. Some Part D plans also include over-the-counter drugs as well.