4 Ways A Medicare Supplement Plan Differs From Medicare Advantage

Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans help beneficiaries cover expenses that are not paid by traditional Medicare plans. Nevertheless, the two insurance plans are not the same. Here are four differences you may want to consider when purchasing your plan: 1. Supplemental Provisions Medicare Supplement Medicare Supplement plans, which are also called Medigap plans, cover only expenses left over after Medicare has paid. In addition, medical services, such as vision and dental care, that are disallowed by traditional Medicare are not covered by Supplement plans.

Guide To Understanding The Alphabet Soup Of US Health Care Options

If you are often confused about all of the acronyms and similar terms used in health care today, then you are certainly not alone! Understanding the difference between Medicare and Medicaid is always a challenge, just as knowing what COBRA, PPO, etc, really mean. Here is a list of the most common terms and acronyms used to describe the various types of health care in the US to help with your confusion: